S. Sorce, A. Malizia, V. Gentile, P. Jiang, M. Atherton, D. Harrison

Evaluation of a Visual Tool for Early Patent Infringement Detection During Design

Human-Computer Interaction

Patent infringement detection usually implies research among documents in different forms, in both natural and unstructured language, often involving a lot of human resources and time. In order to ease this patent check process, we previously presented a visual tool to be used by designers themselves at any stage of the design process, providing them with useful and reliable information for deciding whether to steer their design away from potential patent infringements. In this work, we report on a usability study carried out on such a tool with 21 professional designers from industry in the field of mechanical engineering. The outcome of our study shows that our tool is very well accepted by designers, and felt useful and helpful even by legal experts.

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