S. Sorce, S. Ruggieri, V. Gentile, A. Gentile, A. Malizia

Human-to-Human Interaction: The Killer Application of Ubiquitous Computing?

Human-Computer Interaction

Twenty-five years past the Weiser’s vision of Ubiquitous Computing, and there is not a clear understanding of what is or is not a pervasive system. Due to the loose boundaries of such paradigm, almost any kind of remotely accessible networked system is classified as a pervasive system. We think that is mainly due to the lack of killer applications that could make this vision clearer. Actually, we think that the most promising killer application is already here, but we are so used to it that we do not see it, as a perfect fitting of the Weiser’s vision: the Human-to-Human Interaction mediated by computers.

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