V. Gentile, F. Milazzo, S. Sorce, A. Gentile, A. Augello, G. Pilato

Body Gestures and Spoken Sentences: A Novel Approach for Revealing User’s Emotions

Human-Computer Interaction Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence

In the last decade, there has been a growing interest in emotion analysis research, which has been applied in several areas of computer science. Many authors have contributed to the development of emotion recognition algorithms, considering textual or non verbal data as input, such as facial expressions, gestures or, in the case of multi-modal emotion recognition, a combination of them. In this paper, we describe a method to detect emotions from gestures using the skeletal data obtained from Kinect-like devices as input, as well as a textual description of their meaning. The experimental results show that the correlation existing between body movements and spoken user sentence(s) can be used to reveal user's emotions from gestures.

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