A. Pipitone, G. Tirone, R. Pirrone

ChiLab4It System in the QA4FAQ Competition

Natural Language Processing

ChiLab4It is the Question Answering system (QA) for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) developed by the Computer-Human Interaction Laboratory (ChiLab) at the University of Palermo for participating to the QA4FAQ task at EVALITA 2016 competition. The system is the versioning of the QuASIt framework developed by the same authors, which has been customized to address the particular task. This technical report describes the strategies that have been imported from QuASIt for implementing ChiLab4It, the actual system implementation, and the comparative evaluations with the results of the other participant tools, as provided by the organizers of the task. ChiLab4It was the only system whose score resulted to be above the experimental baseline fixed for the task. A discussion about future extensions of the system is also provided.

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