M. Breaban

Evolving Ensembles of Feature Subsets towards Optimal Feature Selection for Unsupervised and Semi-supervised Clustering

Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence

The work in unsupervised learning centered on clustering has been extended with new paradigms to address the demands raised by real-world problems. In this regard, unsupervised feature selection has been proposed to remove noisy attributes that could mislead the clustering procedures. Additionally, semi-supervision has been integrated within existing paradigms because some background information usually exist in form of a reduced number of similarity/dissimilarity constraints. In this context, the current paper investigates a method to perform simultaneously feature selection and clustering. The benefits of a semi-supervised approach making use of reduced external information are highlighted against an unsupervised approach. The method makes use of an ensemble of near-optimal feature subsets delivered by a multi-modal genetic algorithm in order to quantify the relative importance of each feature to clustering.

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