S. Sorce, P. Raccuglia, A. Genco

Embedding the Remote Application Control: Visual API for PDA Programming

Human-Computer Interaction Software Engineering

PDAs are more and more used as advanced adaptive HEI (human-environment interaction) interfaces, thus enabling their users to easily operate applications remotely running in pervasive computing scenarios. Based on a previous implementation, in this paper we discuss the development of a new set of .NET-compliant Application Programming Interfaces to be used within the Visual Studio IDE. Our main goal is to provide programmers with a set of components to be used with the common drag-and-drop operation, in order to embed a remote application control within an application running on the PDA and vice-versa.The interaction relies on ad-hoc communication protocols over a framework devoted to pair PDAs and remote devices according to their relative position, with no need to use any connection software.

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