F. Agostaro, A. Genco, S. Sorce

Mobile Agents Application Fields

Software Engineering

Mobile agents are a recent paradigm for software design, which extends object oriented programming features. An agent can perform its task autonomously; a mobile agent can carry out complex tasks that require the agent to migrate from a network place to another one. Mobile agent application fields are many. It can replace web services in other cases, mobile agents and web services can be an effective solution together. The chapter discusses the three mobile agent application fields, which are: parallel and distributed computing, data mining and information retrieval, and networking. An overview of the development platforms is also discussed. Data mining and information retrieval systems often rely on centralized management. According to this approach, data are collected from remote sources to one central host, thus rising network load and communication cost. Mobile agents provide remote resources local access capabilities; hence, they are an interesting option for data mining and information retrieval system design. A mobile agent approach reduces data collection from remote sites and therefore also reduces communication costs.

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