F. Agostaro, A. Chiello, A. Genco, S. Sorce

Mobile agents and grid computing

Software Engineering

This chapter describes mobile agents as an effective solution for grid service provision. A short overview is first introduced on the grid paradigm and the most known research activities in the field. Then, mobile agents are discussed and a comparison with the remote procedure call (RPC) method is made as far as the most effective solution to minimize network overload and fault occurrences is concerned. The common feature of all grid architectures is a coordinated and controlled resource sharing between the members of a dynamic multi-institutional virtual community. Community members agree on a set of sharing rules and permissions, by which resources to be shared and members to be enabled to access these resources, can be defined. Resource sharing can take place by using suitable protocol architecture for interoperability. The resources to be shared in a grid environment can be both physical resources and services being a service a network enabled entity, which provides some capability. In a service-oriented view, interoperability can be achieved by a standard way of defining service interfaces and protocols to be used for service invocation.

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