synbrAIn obtains new European funding within the DIGI-B-Cube programme

Project AI4NT will be carried out together with partners Restorative Neurotechnologies and USE-ME-D, aiming at supporting therapy and diagnosis of patients affected by cognitive diseases. To this end, we will design an AI-driven system to support therapists' decisions in evaluation and rehabilitation tasks.

Medical Imaging Analysis and Diagnostics Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence

Within the fields of medicine and healthcare, it is not rare to see private or public companies investing significant amounts of funds on research and new technologies. Not surprisingly, in the last decade these fields have witnessed a growing interest also from public and private funding organizations, and correspondingly an increasing number of new applications, especially based on artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. Among such funding bodies, an interesting one is DIGI-B-Cube, which is part of the EU Horizon 2020 programme. The main goal of DIGI-B-Cube is to facilitate SMEs collaboration, in order to support the introduction of new digital technologies in all those companies that operate in the fields of bioimaging, biosensing, and biobanking.


synbrAIn decided to commit to this innovation process and together with two partners, Restorative Neurotechnologies and USE-ME-D, applied as leading partner to the DIGI-B-Cube open call with a project named AI4NT. This acronym summarizes the main goal: the development of an artificial intelligence-based system for the generation of an automatic rehabilitation plan for neurologic patients with cognitive disorders.

The project is one of the 17 selected projects, over a total of 217 proposals. Even more interestingly, among the other 16 selected projects, there is also one that involves Senticlab, our affiliated research company with which synbrAIn is working in strict relation for developing new artificial intelligence solutions for healthcare.

DIGI-B-Cube Results

In more details, the goal of AI4NT project consists of the development of a system to ease the therapeutic path definition, to enhance the recovery of patients with cognitive diseases. The role of synbrAIn consists of defining and implementing machine learning algorithms, which will constitute the core of the whole system. To this end, Restorative Neurotechnologies will provide a dataset built with a significant amount of anonymized patients' data, along with the diagnostic and therapeutic choices, as well as the related therapeutic results. Last but not least, USE-ME-D will support the whole process in order to design a final product that can be verified and certified, according to the IEC 62304 standard for medical software development.

For synbrAIn, project AI4NT represents an important step towards the realization of new products and services that provide the power of artificial intelligence to all those applications related to healthcare. Therefore, the output of this project does not represent only a goal, but it is actually a starting point towards a stable and fruitful collaboration with partners, aimed at the certification and development of new product versions.