A. Ashtekar, T. De Lorenzo, N. Khera

Compact binary coalescences: Constraints on waveforms

Theoretical and Experimental Physics

Gravitational waveforms for compact binary coalescences (CBCs) have been invaluable for detections by the LIGO-Virgo collaboration. They are obtained by a combination of semi-analytical models and numerical simulations. So far systematic errors arising from these procedures appear to be less than statistical ones. However, the significantly enhanced sensitivity of the new detectors that will become operational in the near future will require waveforms to be much more accurate. This in turn requires reliable procedures to evaluate accuracy, particularly in the regions of parameter space where numerical simulations are sparse. Currently errors are estimated by comparing the candidate waveforms with the NR ones, which are taken to be exact. The goal of this paper is to propose a qualitatively different tool. We show that full non-linear general relativity (GR) imposes an infinite number of sharp constraints on the CBC waveforms. These can provide clear-cut measures to evaluate the accuracy of candidate waveforms against exact GR, help find systematic errors, and also provide external checks on NR simulations themselves.

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