M. Bologna, E. Montin, V. D. A. Corino, P. Bossi, G. Calareso, L. Licitra, L. T. Mainardi

Use of apparent diffusion coefficient images to predict response to induction chemotherapy in sinonasal cancer

Medical Imaging Analysis and Diagnostics

The purpose of this study is to identify a set of radiomic features extracted from apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) maps, obtained using baseline diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging (DW-MRI), which are able to predict the outcome of induction chemotherapy (IC) in sinonasal cancers. Such prediction could help the clinician defining the better treatment for a particular patient. Eighty-eight radiomic features were extracted from the ADC maps of 15 patients that underwent IC. A preliminary filtering of the features was made by assessing their stability to geometrical transformations of the region of interest (ROI). Mann-Whitney tests corrected for control of false discoveries were performed to identify the features that could discriminate between responsive and non-responsive patients (4 and 11 respectively). Twenty features were found to be able to discriminate the two groups and they can potentially be used for prediction of response to treatment.

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