MS HUMANAID: artificial intelligence to support COVID-19 diagnosis

Thanks to the collaboration with synbrAIn, Emme Esse has released MS HUMANAID, a software capable of exploiting artificial intelligence to support doctors in COVID-19 pneumonia diagnosis.

Medical Imaging Analysis and Diagnostics Artificial Intelligence

Among the collaborations implemented by synbrAIn, there is one particularly relevant for the healthcare field, which has been consolidated over the last year: with Emme Esse, a company that has been operating over 40 years in the development of electronic solutions applied to various fields, including healthcare, marketing high-tech diagnostic equipment, as well as developing solutions and services for the management of medical data and images.

The collaboration established between Emme Esse and synbrAIn fits within this context. After a period of time when both the companies defined objectives and applications, Emme Esse has released MS HUMANAID, a software platform that allows to analyze and compare chest X-ray images taken from patients potentially affected by COVID-19, in order to support doctors and healthcare professionals in detecting any lung infections.

The software has already found practical application thanks to a donation from the non-profit organization "Cancro Primo Aiuto" to the San Gerardo hospital in Monza, which organized a presentation event for the occasion (the video is available at this link). On this occasion, the general director of ASST Monza, Mario Alparone, was able to express his satisfaction: "This is a software that identifies situations that are compatible with the type of COVID on a database of similar cases, and thus aids the work of radiologists in identifying suspicious cases. It will allow for faster diagnosis and will allow optimization of second and third level assessment activities, which may not even have to be accessed thanks to this tool".

A picture taken during the event at the San Gerardo hospital in Monza

During this event, Emme Esse CEO Elisa Mattavelli explained that the MS HUMANAID platform was «developed in collaboration with synbrAIn and Mynd, strategic partners for this product [...], thanks to the expertise and experience of professionals in the sector, based on the real needs of doctors at the forefront of fighting this terrible pandemic, and with an approach based on concreteness, utility and ease of use».

The activities of synbrAIn were mainly focused on the development of artificial intelligence models capable of identifying and segmenting areas of interest within medical images. These models have led to the definition of a specific module of HUMANAID, which takes the name of AIRX. Among the features of this module, there are:

  • Chest X-ray image analysis and classification
  • Anomalies detection
  • Production of alerts based on the estimate of severity
  • Comparison with similar cases

All of this is combined with the work of Mynd (another synbrAIn partner, as well as Emme Esse), mainly centered on the definition of a user-friendly interface, able to offer an excellent user experience, while guaranteeing a high level of usability level.

For more information on MS HUMANAID, you can refer to the site dedicated to the product, while for all other activities of Emme Esse, please refer to the official page of the company.