MS HUMANAID is now being used in other hospitals

The MS HUMANAID platform, which includes the artificial intelligence modules developed by synbrAIn to support the diagnosis of lung diseases, will also come into operation in other hospitals in Brianza province, Italy.

Medical Imaging Analysis and Diagnostics Artificial Intelligence

Few days ago, the MS HUMANAID platform developed by synbrAIn partner EMME ESSE was purchased by the non-profit organization "Cancro Primo Aiuto" to be donated to ASST Brianza, in order to be deployed and adopted by other hospitals in the Lombardy region.

With MS HUMANAID, numerous innovative features based on artificial intelligence and developed with the support of synbrAIn, will become part of the diagnostic tools available to radiologists. In particular, the AIRX module of MS HUMANAID will allow a much more effective and rapid early diagnosis, thanks to the use of machine learning techniques able to support doctors in identifying pulmonary diseases (including those from COVID-19), helping to discriminate the possible origins, and allowing easier comparison with similar pathological cases.

During the presentation event (the video of which is available at the bottom of this page), the general manager of ASST Brianza, Marco Trivelli, expressed his satisfaction about this new technology. “It is an early diagnosis software, which will allow our radiologists to ease and speed up the diagnosis”.

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MS HUMANAID is now starting to find applications in various hospitals. "Our product was born here in Brianza during the health emergency" recalls Elisa Mattavelli, CEO of EMME ESSE. "We were trying to do something useful, concrete and appropriate. MS HUMANAID has precisely this objective, and we are delighted that this product arrives here in Brianza, where our company has its deepest roots ”.

synbrAIn's work also continues to be centered on the development of new artificial intelligence modules, many of which will be integrated within MS HUMANAID, following the partnership with EMME ESSE and Mynd that has led to this unique and innovative product. Our goal is always to provide effective tools that can support daily work, with a view to ensuring perfect human-machine cooperation.