synbrAIn announces a new strategic partnership with EMME ESSE

After the release of the MS HUMANAID platform by EMME ESSE, and the involvement of synbrAIn in the development of AI modules, this new partnership represents the beginning of a fruitful collaboration in the spirit of human-machine cooperation.

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As we announced a few weeks ago, Emme Esse's launch of MS HUMANAID has involved also synbrAIn, with the development of a system that uses artificial intelligence to support the analysis of diagnostic images. The development of the AIRX module of MS HUMANAID makes it possible to analyze chest x-ray images, highlighting the presence of anomalies, within the various types of lung infections (viral or bacterial). It is, therefore, a clear example of cooperation between the machine (represented here by the artificial intelligence module) and the human (in this case the doctor).

The consolidation of the strategic partnership between synbrAIn and Emme Esse is part of this context. As Elisa Mattavelli, CEO of Emme Esse, has often pointed out, one of the cornerstones of the company philosophy is to develop technological innovations that "arise from humans, work with humans, are for humans". This is also at the center of synbrAIn's experience aimed at achieving "human-machine cooperation".

The synbrAIn development team has also created an AI tool for the analysis and identification of anatomical districts in CT images, integrated into the PHYSICO product of Emme Esse, leader in the field of Health Physics and Radiation Protection, and is already working on new modules of the HUMANAID platform.