Emme Esse becomes a new shareholder of synbrAIn

After an intense collaboration, which led to the development of the MS HUMANAID platform, Emme Esse decides to invest in synbrAin by subscribing to a reserved capital increase.

In recent years, synbrAIn's activities have seen a significant push towards the field of Digital Healthcare, with several developments in assisted diagnostics, using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In the last few years, a particularly fruitful collaboration has developed with Emme Esse, a company active for over 40 years in the Healthcare sector and particularly specialized in the field of bio-images, offering the supply of high-tech diagnostic equipment, solutions for clinical data management, and systems for the computerization and dematerialization of processes.

On May 16, 2022, synbrAIn and Emme Esse have consolidated their relationship, through the subscription by Emme Esse of a synbrAIn capital increase, thus becoming a shareholder with 20% of the capital.

This involvement of Emme Esse in synbrAIn's capital represents a crucial step for our company growth, accelerating the development of products in the field Digital Healthcare. Furthermore, it is important not to overlook the contribution made by the Emme Esse commercial network, both direct and indirect, with new but significant expansions also abroad.

The fields of Diagnostic Imaging and Healthcare are changing profoundly with a real "digital revolution". The new frontier of healthcare is a fertile ground where IT, medical and technological skills interact to give life to digital tools used to monitor, prevent or assist in the treatment of diseases, thus able to improve health services for patients and doctors.

Emme Esse and synbrAIn, once again, propose themselves together as participants in this revolutionary change.

The first meeting between Emme Esse and synbrAIn occurred in 2020; since then the two companies have started to collaborate for the production and launch of the Artificial Intelligence platform MS HUMANAID, owned by Emme Esse.

Elisa Mattavelli, CEO at Emme Esse, also joins the synbrAIn's board of directors. Regarding this new participation, she has also stated: "in recent years Emme Esse has been investing a lot of resources in the development of its own solutions: the AI MS HUMANAID platform, together with the PHYSICO suite, represent the company's priority growth areas for the future. Artificial Intelligence assumes strategic importance in corporate development plans; thanks to the participation in synbrAIn, Emme Esse will become even more protagonist of the evolution of this market".

The new synbrAIn management board
The new synbrAIn management board

Roberto Pagani, CEO at synbrAIn, has also added: “the presence of Emme Esse as a new synbrAIn shareholder will allow an acceleration of research and development focused on applications in the Digital Healthcare field”.