F. Concone, R. Giaconia, G. Lo Re, M. Morana

A Smart Assistant for Visual Recognition of Painted Scenes

Human-Computer Interaction Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, smart devices allow people to easily interact with the surrounding environment thanks to existing communication infrastructures, i.e., 3G/4G/5G or WiFi. In the context of a smart museum, data shared by visitors can be used to provide innovative services aimed to improve their cultural experience. In this paper, we consider as case study the painted wooden ceiling of the Sala Magna of Palazzo Chiaramonte in Palermo, Italy and we present an intelligent system that visitors can use to automatically get a description of the scenes they are interested in by simply pointing their smartphones to them. As compared to traditional applications, this system completely eliminates the need for indoor positioning technologies, which are unfeasible in many scenarios as they can only be employed when museum items are physically distinguishable. Experimental analysis aimed to evaluate the performance of the system in terms of accuracy of the recognition process, and the obtained results show its effectiveness in a real-world application scenario.

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