MEDIMAG-IA: the Senticlab team wins the hackathon!

The Senticlab team won the hackathon organized by MEDIMAG-IA by developing an artificial intelligence system to recognize bone metastases in medical images and calculate their metabolic activity index.

Medical Imaging Analysis and Diagnostics Deep Learning

We are pleased to announce a new success in the field of medical imaging: the victory of the Senticlab team in the hackathon organized by the Regional Center of Excellence for Personalized Diagnosis and Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Imaging (MEDIMAG-IA). This result opens an important collaboration with the MEDIMAG-IA center towards the development of a software solution for the automatic evaluation of bone metastases and the effectiveness of treatments for this type of pathology.

Nuclear medicine is a branch of medical imaging that provides functional images with the use of radiotracers (carrier molecules labeled with radionuclides that localize in a target tissue/organ). These images can be used to diagnose and monitor various diseases, including cancer. However, the analysis of nuclear images requires considerable clinical experience and objective quantification of data.

The hackathon on MEDIMAG-IA aimed at creating an artificial intelligence system capable of recognizing bone metastatic lesions in nuclear images and calculating their metabolic activity index (SUV), which is an indicator of the response to treatment. The Senticlab team, together with that of synbrAIn, participated in the hackathon with a solution based on convolutional neural networks and image processing techniques. The solution obtained the first place in the final ranking, surpassing 12 other teams enrolled for this challenge!

We are proud of this result, which demonstrates our skills and passion for artificial intelligence and its applications in the medical field. We thank the MEDIMAG-IA center for organizing this stimulating and educational event, and for giving us the opportunity to collaborate with them on an innovative and socially impactful project. We will continue to work to develop cutting-edge software solutions to improve the quality of diagnosis and care for patients.

For more information on the hackathon on MEDIMAG-IA, we refer to the official website and social media posts with the hashtag #MEDIMAGIA