A. Chella, A. Pipitone

A cognitive architecture for inner speech

Natural Language Processing Robotics Artificial Intelligence

A cognitive architecture for inner speech is presented. It is based on the Standard Model of Mind, integrated with modules for self-talking. Briefly, the working memory of the proposed architecture includes the phonological loop as a component which manages the exchanging information between the phonological store and the articulatory control system. The inner dialogue is modeled as a loop where the phonological store hears the inner voice produced by the hidden articulator process. A central executive module drives the whole system, and contributes to the generation of conscious thoughts by retrieving information from long-term memory. The surface form of thoughts thus emerges by the phonological loop. Once a conscious thought is elicited by inner speech, the perception of new context takes place and then repeating the cognitive loop. A preliminary formalization of some of the described processes by event calculus, and early results of their implementation on the humanoid robot Pepper by SoftBank Robotics are discussed.

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