S. Sorce, V. Gentile, D. Oliveto, R. Barraco, A. Malizia, A. Gentile

Exploring Usability and Accessibility of Avatar-based Touchless Gestural Interfaces for Autistic People

Human-Computer Interaction

Many prior works investigated the potential of pervasive technologies and interactive applications to increase access capabilities to digital content for people with disability, particularly Neuro-Developmental Disorders (NDDs). In this paper, we present an exploratory study aimed at understanding if an avatar-based touchless gestural interface is able to foster interest towards digital representations of artworks, e.g. paintings or sculptures usually exhibited in museums, and to make them more accessible for such people. In particular, the study involved three autistic people and a therapist, and allowed us to report the potential of an avatar to communicate the interactivity and stimulate interaction with just a few directions to start, or not at all. We also shortly present and discuss some possible idea for future developments.

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