Critical Issues:

  • Equal treatment for all
  • Uncertainty about how effective it really is
  • Doctors' mistakes
  • Dispersive workflows
  • Patients who ignore the doctors' advice

The AI4HealthCare target

AI4Healthcare is aimed at:

  • Public hospital trusts
  • Privately operated hospitals
  • University integrated hospitals
  • Scientific institutes and clinics
  • Biomedical diagnosis and treatment facilities

Qualitative benefits of AI4HealthCare

  • Analyzes medical records via classification and extraction of metadata
  • Analyzes RX, PET, CT images for diagnostic supportli>
  • Identifies similar cases, checks therapy and its effects over time
  • Supports the personal knowledge of individual doctors and their diagnostic skills

Quantitative benefits of AI4HealthCare

  • Reduces reporting and diagnostic time
  • Reduces waiting times for patient diagnosis

AI4HealthCare features

  • Textual analysis of medical records
  • Organ identification
  • Imaging analysis of lung exams
  • Imaging analysis of liver exams
  • Imaging analysis of colon exams