A. Bruno, P. Carminetti, V. Gentile, M. La Cascia, E. Mancino

Palmprint principal lines extraction

Analisi di Immagini Medicali e Diagnostica Intelligenza Artificiale

The palmprint recognition has become a focus in biological recognition and image processing fields. In this process, the features extraction (with particular attention to palmprint principal line extraction) is especially important. Although a lot of work has been reported, the representation of palmprint is still an open issue. In this paper we propose a simple, efficient, and accurate palmprint principal lines extraction method. Our approach consists of six simple steps: normalization, median filtering, average filters along four prefixed directions, grayscale bottom-hat filtering, combination of bottom-hat filtering, binarization and post processing. The contribution of our work is a new method for palmprint principal lines detection and a new dataset of hand labeled principal lines images (that we use as ground truth in the experiments). Preliminary experimental results showed good performance in terms of accuracy with respect to three methods of the state of the art.

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