M. Giardina, S. Tramonte, V. Gentile, S. Vinanzi, A. Chella, S. Sorce, R. Sorbello

Conveying Audience Emotions Through Humanoid Robot Gestures to an Orchestra During a Live Musical Exhibition

Interazione Uomo-Macchina Robotica

In the last twenty years, robotics have been applied in many heterogeneous contexts. Among them, the use of humanoid robots during musical concerts have been proposed and investigated by many authors. In this paper, we propose a contribution in the area of robotics application in music, consisting of a system for conveying audience emotions during a live musical exhibition, by means of a humanoid robot. In particular, we provide all spectators with a mobile app, by means of which they can select a specific color while listening to a piece of music (act). Each color is mapped to an emotion, and the audience preferences are then processed in order to select the next act to be played. This decision, based on the overall emotion felt by the audience, is then communicated by the robot through body gestures to the orchestra. Our first results show that spectators enjoy such kind of interactive musical performance, and are encouraging for further investigations.

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