A. Gentile, S. Andolina, A. Massara, D. Pirrone, G. Russo, A. Santangelo, S. Sorce, E. Trumello

QRouteMe: A Multichannel Information System to Ensure Rich User-Experiences in Exhibits and Museums

Interazione Uomo-Macchina

In this article the QRouteMe system is presented. QRouteMe is a multichannel information system built to ensure rich user experiences in exhibits and museums. The system starts from basic information about a particular exhibit or museum while delivering a wide user experience based on different distribution channels. The organization of the systems' components allow to build different solutions that can be simultaneously delivered on different media. A wide range of media from touch-screen installations to portable devices like smartphones have been used. The used devices can communicate each others to increase the usability and the user experience for the visitors. Another important feature of the system is the definition of an inexpensive auto-localization system based on fiduciary marks distributed all around the building. In this article the system is presented from an architectural and functional point of view. A case study and analysis of experimental results are also provided in a real environment where the system was deployed.

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