D. Cascio, V. Chietri, F. Fauci, M. Iacomi, R. Ienzi, R. Magro, G. Raso, S. Sorce, M. Vasile Simone

Fast fourier transform recursive filtering for bilateral mammography comparison

Analisi di Immagini Medicali e Diagnostica

In this paper we describe a method to compare left and right mammographic views of the same patient as in CC and as MLO projection. The proposed solution uses the symmetry properties of the breast and compute a geometric transformation that permits to represent the two images in comparable coordinates systems. Through this method, potential pathological ROIs detected in one of the projections are compared both with the same region internally randomized as the symmetric region in the second view. The method is applied on a dataset composed of 200 couples of pathological images and experimental results show that this method enables a reduction by up to 95 % of the FP/imm number detected after the classification step.

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