G. Russo, R. Pirrone, A. Pipitone

Acquisition Of New Knowledge In TutorJ

Natural Language Processing Intelligenza Artificiale

This paper presents a methodology to acquire new knowledge in TutorJ using external information sources. TutorJ is an ITS whose architecture is inspired to the HIPM cognitive model, while meta-cognition principles have been used to design the knowledge acquisition process. The system behavior is intended to increase its own knowledge as a consequence of the interaction with users. The implemented methodology uses external links and services to capture new knowledge from contents related to discussion topics and transforms these contents into structured knowledge that is stored inside an ontology. The purpose of the proposed methodology is to lower the effort of system scaffolding creation and to increase the level of interaction with users. The focus is on self-regulated learners while meta-cognitive strategies have to bee defined to adapt and to increase the effectiveness of tutoring actions.

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